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License# 18617COCPV

Rental Rules & Regulations

The driver has the right to terminate service or remove any unruly person(s) for any form of damages and any physical or verbal abuse without refund.

RokStars Chicago recommends that all and any personal values be removed from the vehicle when unattended. We will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damage articles.

Each vehicle rented has a maximum amount of riders that cannot be exceeded, overcrowding any vehicle will not be allowed.

Drinking Policy:
No alcohol can be consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age. If at any time, any of the passengers under 21 are found to have in their possession, or have been at any time during the course of the service consuming any alcohol the service shall be terminated. Any and all monies shall be forfeited. Driver has the option of returning to the point of pickup or ending the service at the point of infraction.

Rokstars Chicago is not responsible for any alcohol or illegal substances on the vehicles it is the CLIENTS RESPONSIBILTY to ensure no underage drinking or illegal activity is occurring on the vehicle. The Rokstars staff will do its best to ensure that no minors will be drinking and that illegal substances are not on the bus. Any infractions on this policy could result in early termination of service with NO REFUND.

NO SMOKING inside any vehicles, $200 charge per incident. No exceptions.
There will be a cleanup fee for excessive matter in any vehicle. All vehicles must be left in the same condition as you began. All trash must be disposed of properly. Any fluids of any sort must be cleaned immediately. If these requirements are not met the additional $150 cleanup or a $250 for vomit fee will be charged to the rental clients’ credit card or deducted from clients cash deposit.

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