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Deposits and Fees

Rental Deposit

Deposits and Fees
Total Contract Price
Hours X rate + 10% + Destination/fuel fee + 20% gratuity = Total contract amount

Note: parking and tolls may be additional.

Deposit Amount:
$200 deposit if contract is less than $650
$300 deposit for rentals up to $900
$500 deposit for rentals $950 or more

Balances paid by Credit Card or Check must be paid before the event, Money Orders, Cashier Checks or Cash can be paid on Pickup day.
All regular rentals must end by 2 a.m. Any rental ending after 2 am will be billed at an additional $100 per hour, if paid at time of contract signing in addition to the base rate, or at $125 per hour in addition to base rate if done during your rental.

Note: The additional fee will be due before additional time starts.

10% Fuel Surcharge/destination fee:
There will be a fuel surcharge on all rentals.

For events with long sit times, such as concerts or sporting events a reduced hourly charge may apply. Additional charges such as parking and tolls are not included in these rates. There is also a 10% minimum gratuity for the driver.

Hourly sitting rate is $70 per hour sit time can be used if the bus is sitting for 4hrs or more without passengers on the bus. You must first meet the full rate minimum time requirements.